Wednesday 7 August 2013

Colouring in My Fabric Stash, Again

Last summer I made an unsurprising discovery that my fabric collection was devoid of colour.  Parenting duties mandated for that to be rectified.  Several months down the track, my enticing pile of brilliant blacks has again been diluted by multi-hued invaders.

I'm not on Facebook.  I don't know what sort of a cataclysmic calamity would convince me to sign up.  However, not being on Facebook means that I miss all sorts of things and can't access information on some businesses that hadn't considered their privacy settings.

One of the events that has been consistently eluding me is the biannual 40% off everything sale at the Fabric Warehouse.  This year I was determined not miss it and made it my weekly task to check their Facebook page for that intoxicating announcement.  After weeks of seemingly nothing to live for, my persistence paid off.  I spotted the sale ad, and suddenly life was worth living again.  Morose hyperbole aside, I was pretty stoked.  In the 15min that I had to spend in the store, I grabbed numerous rolls of stretch knits and a few wovens (mostly cellulose blends).
Black is feeling betrayed in a corner somewhere
Coincidentally, the obscenely colourful homeware/craft/fabric emporium next door also had 40% off all their fabric.  I gingerly made my way past the isles of horrible, imported cheap crap towards the visually distressing technicolour sea of textiles.  This ocean of yuk has a selection of kids' prints that's varied enough to offer a design or two that even I don't mind, like some of their Japanese imports.
Lime green ribbing, cotton elephant print, cotton whale print, silver flannelette animal print, red flannelette robot!!! print, gunmetal cotton elastane woven, purple viscose cotton woven, green and red viscose wool knits, red and grey stripe viscose elastane knits
So much for making baby clothing out of old garments only...  I managed a few bibs, etc.  Alas, I don't seem to wear out clothes, and my whingeing hand me downs amnesty resulted only in a few polyester blend shirts and a couple of old sweaters in wrong colours.

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