Monday 15 July 2013

Sleeved Bib 2.0

The original long sleeved bibs have conclusively justified their existence, having saved mountains of washing in a relatively short period of time.

Zaika has now outgrown them, so the time came to make a couple of new ones and revise some design features in the process.

As luck would have it, I had acquired just the right fabric for the project.  My fifteen year old pyjama pants had outlived their initial purpose, and I was given a pair of well ripped water resistant track pants.  Ambushed by a pair of overzealous fabric shears they underwent a dignified transformation together with an old red towel.
The unholy union

One of the bibs has a pocket for catching dropped food, and it's Zaika's going out apron.  At home it's easier to pick up the detritus off the drop sheet and surreptitiously feed it back to the unsuspecting child.  The 2.0 bibs also have little webbing loops at the bottom.  These can be strapped through the harness for when Zaika decides to amuse herself by pulling up the bib over her tray, which somewhat defeats the purpose of wearing a bib.
Two domes and no binding
Instead of subjecting myself to the frustrations of bias binding around tight curves, I sewed the sleeves in double layers.  They are more waterproof this way also.  The two domes instead of one are more secure for the larger garment size.

Two bibs aren't enough, so I'm rummaging about for some more old clothing to upcycle.

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