Wednesday 6 July 2011

Button Up

I do like interesting buttons.  Finding my own garments to sew them onto isn't necessarily straight forward, but I often see people in plain shirts with plain buttons and get the urge to reach for the quick unpick.  ...Stop struggling if you don't want it to slip and jab you in the sternum...  I should be more proactive about spreading button love, so maybe I'll add buttons again to the Craft2.0 gift bags next time.

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Crafting With Computer

Via Ponoko

Last weekend, Wellington's premiere indie design fair Craft2.0 once again demonstrated just how much digital fabrication is influencing day to day making for many crafters and designers.  Amongst the numerous stalls, there were several that had laser cut jewellery and accessories on display.  Knowledgeable mutterings with regard to fabrication techniques from several elederly ladies confirmed that digital fabrication is becoming less of a mystery, although a few shoppers did ask how long it took to cut the snowflakes by hand...

Super Very
Freedom Creative
Chloe Jansen

Sunday 3 July 2011

Slightly smaller Craft2.0

This fair wasn't as busy as usual and lacked the familiar stampedes.  On the bright side, this allowed me to run around taking photos, even if only for fifteen minutes.

Triple the power of a unicorn
Ponoko-made antlers
exreme colour co-ordination
taking this photo made my day
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