Tuesday 25 October 2011

Waffle the Lamb

 Waffle the Lamb spends his days peacefully eating grass and staring into space.  He is blissfully unaware that the other Grimlies are planning on turning him into shanks, cutlets, racks and other delicious BBQ staples.  Save him from his gourmet fate!

Saturday 22 October 2011


Chromatophobic is finally on Felt!, which is like Etsy, but in NZ.  So far the shop stocks buttons, cufflinks, coasters, brooches and bowls.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

Craft2.0 October 29th

Via Craft2.0 :

"Join us for Craft2.0 In The City
Saturday 29 October – 10am-4pm
The Atrium, Chaffers Dock Building, 1 Herd St, Wellington.
become a friend of Craft2.0 and enjoy an hour of crowd free shopping between 9am and 10am. You’ll also get an exclusive organic cotton Craft2.0 tote packed with treats.

Popular Wellington craft fair, Craft 2.0 is on the move. The next fair will be held at The Atrium, Chaffers Dock Building, 1 Herd St, Wellington. This is the same location where the City Market is held each Sunday.
Craft 2.0 is free to enter. The fair accepts cash but also has EFTPOS on site.
It’s the commitment to New Zealand-created, independent design that sets Craft 2.0 apart. Everything at Craft 2.0 is made or designed by the person selling it. The sellers are carefully selected to get just the right mix of favourites and new faces to ensure the fair is chock-full of handmade goodness.
Spot prizes are given away during the fair to shoppers."
This fair will the the last Craft2.0 for 2011, so no dedicated Xmas event.  This means that there will be plenty of Xmas gift ideas for organised shoppers, but without any of the ghastly "holiday theme" music.

Friday 14 October 2011

I Do

Recently two of my friends got married, and I made personalised bottle caps for the placeholders/party favours.  The bottles, which were to be filled with lollies used to contain medication and had to have their original rubber lids replaced because there was a possibility of needle contamination.  I made the hundred new lids out of cork and rimu veneer MDF, and not only did they work well, but they even made a cork popping sound on opening!  Cork is a horrible horrible material to laser cut because it charrs very badly and doesn't give a good edge.  Ideally it's stamped out or turned, but neither of those fabrication methods were an option.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Ponoko Personal Factory NZ Awesomeness!

Personal Factory has just announced the launch of their material samples store!  This is exciting because it means that you can buy one or two or how many different material samples you need to keep for reference on colour/texture/flexibility/engraving quality, etc.  Of course, there are all the material photos on the Personal Factory catalogue, but looking on screen is just not the same as lovingly caressing with your fingers.  Delivery within NZ is pretty damn cheap, too!

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