Hello and welcome to the Chromatophobic blog.  You can read about my colour-dreading brand on The Story page.

I'm Yana, and I am a maniacal maker with an Industrial Design degree and a teaching background.  I used to work at Ponoko. This blog documents the Chromatophobic journey, as well as my compulsive creative efforts and tutorials, and serves as an outlet for the occasional verbal diarrhea.  Design topics that make my abundant back hair stand on end with excitement are digital fabrication, environmental responsibility and intellectual property.  I enjoy doodling, making stuff, documenting of the making of stuff and gleefully hugging unsuspecting trees. I also love climbing stuff and get very enthusiastic about playgrounds, much to the alarm of the children who get in my way.

Much of the content on the blog is representative of where I am in life, so currently many of the projects are child related.  In the process I impudently exploit my little menaces' photogenic qualities as I chase them around the house with a heavy camera and shiny reflectors.  For the purposes of this blog, I will call my littlies Zaika and Zaika2, which is Russian for "bunny" and reflects Zaikas' bilingual upbringing. 

My other half, Ken, is also an industrial designer and the visionary behind BetterBoxerCo, and we occasionally co-create.  So far Zaikas are our most refined creations, despite nudie bums not being associated with "refined" in everyday discourse.  Ken has an impeccable attention to detail, and his perfectionism drives me quietly insane.  Insane with delight, of course.  Ken's major hobby is working on classic cars and bikes, which leaves me a garage widow.  The overfilled garage is like a curio gallery for Zaikas, brimming with delicious chemicals and delightfully sharp, pointy things that can transform themselves into exciting projectiles.

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