Stitched Up Alterations

Bags, bras, dresses, jackets, jeans, pants, shirts, shorts, skirts

For repair and alteration enquiries email chromatophobic[dot]design[at]gmail[dot]com or call the number on the flier.


 Custom made baby/kids' clothing also available: check out Chromatophobic bibs here.

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Price list:

Pants and shorts
Hemming $10-$15
Waist adjustment $20-$25
Thighs adjustment $15
Leg tapering $15
Seat adjustment $15-$20
Fix pockets $15-$25
New zip $25
New invisible zip $35

Hemming $15-$20
Waist adjustment $20-$25
Side seam adjustment $15
New lining $30-$35
New zip $15
New invisible zip $25
Fix pockets $15-$25

Shorten hem $15-$20
Shorten cuffed sleeves $20-$25
Fix pockets $10
Side seam adjustment $15

Side seam adjustment from $30
Replacing lining  from $60
Sleeve length adjustment $30-$35
Length adjustment $35-$40

Straps adjustment $10-$20
Hemming $15-$20
Waist adjustment $20-$25
Side seam adjustment from $15
New zip $15
New invisible zip $25-$30

Strap replacement $20-$35

Please note that lined garments require more work and may increase the cost of the alteration. Another consideration is laundering and ironing your garment (if applicable) before I assess it. This makes it much easier to identify issues and saves a lot of time, which means a cost saving for you.

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