The Story

Chromatophobia (krō′mad·ə′fō·bē·ə): an abnormal aversion to colours. 
Chromatophobic is: not-so-colourful, quirky, intricate jewellery and accessories including limited edition brooches and pendants; coasters, xmas tree decorations, shirt buttons and also dude friendly cufflinks.  All Chromatophobic products are created from scrap material destined for the landfill, and packaged in treehuggy reused/reusable stuff. Grimlies and other jewellery characters may look slightly homicidal, but they are trying to be kind to the planet!  They are also postage friendly and suitable for a range of budgets.

Chromatophobic it is the result of over half a decade worth of scribbles and doodles finally evolving into wearable designs.

Few trends have become as popular as laser cutting jewellery, which seems to have flooded the craft market.  It's almost become an insult of sorts to describe something as "lasercut".  Lasercut acrylic, especially, bears the brunt of that averse attitude.   All Chromatophobic creations are lasercut, but they aren’t the archetypal 2D cutouts.  They are either intricate character designs or are made out of wool felt, which is a less ubiquitous material.  Additionally, they are a product of upcycling: being created from offcuts that would have been otherwise discarded.

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