Wednesday 31 July 2013

Domesticated Manufacturing Techniques

"In House is the documentation of making a collection of pieces using domesticated manufacturing techniques. It uses the architecture, appliances and materials found within my small home to create an even smaller factory. I have replicated processes such as rotational casting by using the washing machine, brake pressing using the door and steam bending using the microwave, with the language of the objects defined by these parameters" - David Steiner 

In House from David Steiner on Vimeo.

This is lovely.  I am especially impressed by the transformation of the blender into a lathe and the reminder about using doors as right angle benders. David Steiner is clearly confident with various manufacturing techniques to  be able to pull this off with such simple elegance.  The DIY rotormoulder is wicked!  That would work well for candle wax and chocolate.  Delicious chocolate.  Now I keep looking around the house and visualising the various items that can be destroyed *ahem* transformed.
Cutlery and bottle opener: pewter cast in cereal box moulds

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