Wednesday 24 July 2013

Neon Yellow Delirium

Some people may argue that dressing a toddler in neon yellow is a form abuse, or that nuts on knees is an inappropriate visual pun for a child.
Tights and a matching headband for some eye boiling 80's nostalgia
I say it's never too early to learn about tightening nuts safely.  Everyone knows that neon yellow is a safety colour.

But neon yellow is not at all chromatophobic!  In fact, it's probably the most chromatophilic hue imaginable.  Despite having a severe weakness for this colour, I firmly refuse to hand over my chromatophobic card.  In fact I've made neon yellow clothing on more than one occasion in the past, a birthday party being one such event.
Cake cutting requires utmost safety.
I went into a fabric store the other day.  Such missions are fraught with peril, mostly to my wallet, and are an exemplary exercise of restraint.  I spotted neon yellow, and my heart skipped a beat.  Then it nearly stopped when I noticed that the fabric bin was marked "merino blend".  Then I saw the price tag, and my face contorted into a grimace of ineffable happiness.  Still, I only bought a metre.  This neon yellow blend is 42% merino, 9% elastane and 49% polyester: great combination for winter tights.  It's quite a thick four way stretch single knit and feels much like french terry, albeit with a slightly different fibre content.

Initially I planned on either screen printing or contact printing the fabric, leaning towards the latter.  This is why the nuts in the photo have one flat face; they went for a spin in the lathe for this purpose.  Instead, I decided that mucking around with ink was too much work and ended up simply drawing around the shapes with a textile marker.

What kind of a design philistine would use neon yellow as a backdrop?  Well, now you know.  And no, you're not hallucinating.  There is, indeed, a suitably neon green monkey with a matching massive reel of thread: anything to demonstrate my zeal towards this eye watering colour.

The yellow is outdone by the grotesque blue carpet.
Regrettably (and very uncharacteristically) I cannot recall the monkey's name.  I was given it by Grandpa Frost back in '93.


Catherine said...

They are so cool. Soooo cool. I want some!

Chromatophobic said...

Thanks=D I want some too, but that may cause blindness.

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