Thursday 18 April 2013

Colouring in my Fabric Stash

There is a nursery section at the fabric store, and it is a harrowing sight.

The freakishly long and hot summer is truly gone, and my socks are pulled right up over my knees.  At the beginning of summer I realised that baby lacked weather appropriate clothing.  I pulled out my fabric stash to find something suitable for baby summer outfits.  Somehow I found myself surprised by the sea of black.  Some deranged part of me expected to see colour.  Hello brain, have we met?
Fabric stash fit for a funeral
I needed to buy some baby friendly fabric.  I never thought I'd find myself in a print cotton isle.  There was colour.  Lots of it.  There were picture patterns.  Lots of them.  There were polka dots and flowers and dolls, and animals with saccharine faces.  I was frightened. What was this chromatic abomination?

I managed to find some fabrics that didn't exacerbate my chromatophobia.  They were on sale, but were still more expensive than the other cottons.  For some reason, any design I'm drawn to seems to dangle a premium price tag.
Baby cotton wovens
My search for woolly knits, on the other hand, was incredibly satisfying.  I made an annual road trip to the warm and woolly Levana textile factory, which is filled with rolls and rolls of soft merino and other quality textiles at poor person prices.  Not a floral or a princess in sight.  Baby happily sat in the middle of the shop and guarded my purchase selections, while the shop staff took clucking to a whole new level.  I bought colours.  No black, no white, but colours.  Insanity!
Rainbow merino stack
Levana also stock a range of cellulose blends: cotton, modal, bamboo.
Made of plants
Ideally I'd make all baby wear from old clothing, but a) I generate hardly any and b) it's nearly all black.

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