Thursday 2 May 2013

New Bibs for Craft2.0!

A piggy for your piggy.  Or an owl and bat for your....?
Charcoal satin cotton bibs: Orlik the Owl, Blik the Bat, Pixie the Pig
A baby cannot have too many bibs, and I've been utilising all my cotton scraps to make piles of them for my drool monkey.  Other parents have been encouraging me to make bibs to sell, and now I do!  The bibs will make their absorbent debut at Craft2.0 on Saturday before they go on sale in the Chromatophobic online stores.
Pixie the Pig bib
The hand-printed bibs are 100% cotton, upcycled from unwanted towels and clothing.  They feature dome closures, not because I'm obsessed with doming, but because I cannot stand the evil, evil fibre destroying velcro, and because I find tying ribbons to be a pain in the posterior.
White cotton bibs
The bibs are screen printed with Grimly characters: the recent Orlik the Owl and the newly incarnated Pixie the Pig and Blik the Bat, both of whom materialised from the monsters series.  This already unleashed trio will be properly introduced in the near future.

Only two sleeps till Craft2.0!

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