Friday 12 April 2013

New Scary Faces

Oodles of doodles = much fun and excitement

I had a project in mind and needed to draw a couple of crazed, grimacing lunatic characters to eventually infiltrate the Grimly family.  
The Grimly family to date: Mooks, Psychotic Santa, Orlik, Zik, Styx, Roobik, Erik, Snoork, Waffle

Of course, once got hold of a pen, I couldn't stop at a couple of deranged faces, and an hour or so later I had a stack of oddballs that only a mother could love.  Fortunately I am a mother.

After scanning and some digital tweaking, I ended up with a little army of demented mosters ready to invade unsuspecting projects.
A lot of Whacky

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