Saturday 2 December 2017

Sewing Boomerang Bags for a Zero Waste Fair

The gold standard of zero waste, is just that - no waste. Nothing. Zero. Fresh air. The next best thing is to end up with compostables that will grow someone's food, and it that doesn't completely succeed, recycle the rest.

This year, Brooklyn Primary School fair set a goal of being zero waste.  I think everyone had enough of seeing events conclude with seas of trash, rubbish bins over-stuffed with takeaway containers, and plastic bags floating in the air, just out of reach. We received composting and recycling stations from the Elemental Group. We used a combination of borrowed crockery and washing stations, and compostable plates and cutlery. We asked people to bring their own reusable bags, keep cups and food containers.  Hell, the school was actually tidy!  Boomerang Bags kindly supported this initiative by providing dozens of Bought to Support pockets for the sewing bee volunteers.  We made and sold over seventy bags. 

I made my Boomerang Bags in a less conventional, but my standard way - from old shirts, jeans and pillow cases. 

Bags for transporting donkeys

Three shirts and two cushion covers

Three jeans legs in this photo

It was pretty sweet seeing people walk around with their newly acquired Boomerang Bags.

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