Thursday 14 December 2017

Refusing a Rubbish Xmas

Earlier this week I attended a very timely workshop on how to reduce waste over the holiday period. The astonishing statistics that I took out of that are sourced from Recycle:

  • On average, Kiwis throw away 30% more rubbish over the summer holiday period than usual. 
  • The waste we generate just about doubles the week after Christmas.
  • An extra 50,000 Tonnes of waste is likely to be produced during the Christmas week. 
  • A 20-foot container is able to hold on average 3.5 tonnes of waste (50,000/3.5 = 14,285.7 containers).
  • With each container standing 2.4m tall, stacked on top of one another, this would be equivalent to 105 times taller than the Sky Tower.
  • This means the amount of extra waste generated the week after Christmas in NZ is equivalent to more than 14,000 20-foot containers stacked on top of each other, 105 times taller than the Sky Tower!!

The workshop hosts, Hannah and Liam of the Rubbish Trip effort, kindly invited me to talk about Elf Bags.  The event took place at Sustainability Trust, and I walked around the shop to find bits and pieces to gift bag as exemplars: bokashi bucket set, gardening tools, rat trap.  The walking and looking part took far longer than the bagging part.  I'm glad I wasn't talking about some upcycled, hand-made wrapping paper.  Nothing wrong with that idea, but gift wrapping those oddly shaped items would have been a pain.

Hannah and Liam are giving two more talks in Wellington before they take off on their South Island Rubbish Trip for another six months.

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