Thursday 15 May 2014

Christmas Gift Making

I wonder if I was a Santa Elf in one of my previous lives...

It's nearly time for some keen folks' mid year Christmas, so probably about time for the 2013 Christmas gift making round-up.  For someone who is a fist shaking festive grinch, I sure do put a lot of effort into designing and making gifts for family.  It the only way I can think of to turn something I loathe, which is shopping for gifts into an enjoyable experience, which is creating something in my personal sweatshop - *ahem* - workroom.

Last festive gifting involved printing some photo books, making some food and the usual sewing and toy making.  There seems to be an emerging theme of DIY toys, clothes, food and photography.

Hardwood play alphabet

Merino beanie with a plywood polar bear brooch
Silk "Kanzashi" style brooch upcycled from an old tie, courtesy of Kimono Reincarnate's tutorial

I should be about the last person in the western world to want to do this, but I even sewed a holiday outfit for my daughter.  Red and white happen to be her colours, and my weakness for elephants compelled me to buy elephant print cotton
Cotton shirred sun dress and sunhat and merino slouch cardigan
The only small pohutukawa tree we could find for a photo

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