Wednesday 4 December 2013

Craft2.0 Interview 2013

From the Craft2.0 blog.

  Eco-friendly, colour-averse jewellery and accessories and homewares that are laser cut from salvaged materials. I also sew screen printed bibs. 

  My philosophy of environmental responsibility is integral to all of my making endeavours. I always look for scrap materials to work with.
Cutting from scraps
  Everything I create involves in its process a step of digital fabrication, mostly in form of laser cutting, but even my printing screens are made digitally. In that way I consider myself more of a designer than a crafter, even though I assemble all products myself.  Much of my focus is on creating memorable, quirky human and animal characters. The whimsical and slightly macabre aesthetic reflects the characters’ tongue in cheek personalities.  The very limited colour palette is a Chromatophobic signature. The red, black and white often attract people wearing those colours.
Psychotic Santa assembly
  Whenever I need something, anything; my first thought is “how do I make it”. Often it takes me a while to work out that it’s a lot more cost effective to buy the item in question, but not before the design cogs in my brain hyperactively spring into motion. This maker attitude underpins everything I do and the way I view the world.

There’s no start and no clear finish. My creative process is like a spider web: both functionally, in the way ideas are captured and digested and aesthetically as the spooky factor in my work.

Inspiration doodling

  Even though it’s a miniature scale enterprise, I put a lot of effort into thorough record keeping of all production and stock. That way I don’t have to rummage through everything to determine whether an item is available. 

Flatpack polyprop tabletop trees

Both, though coffee if I’m out.

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