Sunday 22 September 2013

Stiched Up Is Open For Business

Chromatophobic now has a new page: Stitched Up Alterations.  It was an idea that sprouted from a throw away comment at an alarming pace.  

A couple of weeks ago a vertically challenged friend asked me to hem some of her pricey trousers and change some pockets and fastenings.  Sweet.  Done.  Easy as pie.  This was followed by a suggestion of generating similar work: "Create a quick flier, and I'll stick it up at work."  A "quick flier" amplified into, well, all of this because there's not much point in doing things by halves.

I decided to create two versions of the poster: one black, one white.  This came about from many a poster mission in days long gone, where I noticed that some noticeboards would be filled with mostly dark graphics, and others - mostly light.  I figured that having the light/dark option would maximise the chances of standing out on a crowded board.

The fliers were stitched in a long garland

All that's left to do is sticking up the fliers in appropriate places.

The funny/sad/utterly mundane thing is that this wasn't the first time that someone proposed I start an alterations/repair service.  I'd dismissed the concept for a long list of reasons, most of which have been pounded out of existence since then.

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