Wednesday 11 September 2013

Animal Doodles Printed on Clothing

Nowadays most animals I draw have googly, bloodshot eyes that gaze creepily in different directions, but back in high school art was serious business, and I spent hours sketching various breeds of dogs, mice, birds and primates. 

That was back in the pre-digital age, which seems almost unimaginable now.  My cumbersome art folios are still mostly in existence, gathering dust in the attic.  Luckily years ago I had the foresight to digitise the images, and the other day it occured to me that I can print them on t-shirts.   Why did I not think of that earlier...

I printed of the the chimps because I think chimps are the greatest.  Now I just need to find some poop to fling around to complete the bonding ritual.
Chimpalicious kid's t-shirt

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