Monday 1 July 2013

Sleepcrawling is Like Sleepwalking

When you are truly busy making, writing about making takes the back seat and keeps very very quiet.

Sweet dreams are made of these...
Merino cotton sleeping gowns
Ah, all  those lovely woolly blankets for babies.  They are a con!  Mobile babies do not sleep under blankets.  They wriggle and crawl, and sit up, and stand up, and roll, and fold in half, and recite passages from Das Kapital; all in the confines of their cot and mostly without waking up.  Sleeping under blankets is something they do not do.  At least mine doesn't, so I will assume that this fact bears true for the rest of the babykind.  We know that assumptions are an assessment necessity that keep the world turning.
Merino Kids sleep sacks
Sleep sacks are wonderful.  We were gifted a couple of good quality merino ones by our friendly neighbours before Zaika was born.  The sleep sacks are sleeveless, and I wanted to add another clothing layer that would cover the arms but would not ride up.  I sewed a couple of quick and simple sleeping gowns based on a basic onesie pattern.  The elasticated drawstrings help keep them in place.  Easy as pie...
Are you pie?

Put a sock in it...
Merino footed pants
I also made some footed pants for a friend's baby from some amazingly soft Icrebreaker merino.  Socks for babies are as much of a con as blankets.  The feet are double layer for extra warmth.  No more icicle toes.
An orca in a fruitless search of socks

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