Monday 3 June 2013

Baby Boots That Stay On

Society frowns upon using a staple gun to attach footwear to a baby.
Recently I made a pair of baby boots from a pattern that I bought.  I am still recovering from the fact that I didn't make the pattern myself.  The world is a mysterious place...

The boots were proudly presented to curious Zaika.  Immediately it became apparent that without any adjustments the newly minted footwear was doomed to suffer the fate of The Baby Shoe, i.e fall off en route somewhere to blow away with the tumble weed into the wilderness.

I opened my baby manual to check whether using staple guns or nail guns to ensure a secure fit for an item of garment is an acceptable parenting practice.  It is not.  I put away my tool box.

To cut a short story even shorter, I sewed some elastic inside the boot.  Use of elastic instead of nails is less likely to result in gangrene of lower extremities, provided the elastic is not too tight.
The elastic works perfectly.  The boots are no more of a battle to put on than before, and they stay on even after intensive crawling, standing and shuffling.  I call this hack a success.

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