Monday 18 March 2013

Pink is Stink

Transforming a dress into a onesie.

 Our household has a democratic concensus on a ban on all things pink.  One of my dictatorial duties is an unwavering enforcement of the ban, although looking around the room now, I've spotted evidence of a censorship lapse.

One of the inevitabilities following a birth of a baby girl is a gifting onslaught of pink stuff.  Thankfully those close to us very kindly presented the newborn with gender unbiased gifts, but we were given quite a few girly things by acquaitances.  Ultimately, as parents, we have the power of veto over the dressing of our offspring, so I spent a fair bit of time desexing some of the clothing.

One of the pink offendors was an otherwise very adorable shirred dress.  The pink, flowery applique on the hem was too much for my chromosentitive eyes, so I opted for dress surgery and turned the garment into a stylish onesie.

cute shirring
pink *sigh*

Hem off, pants on
Girly hem has been replaced with red shorts

high-wasted is all the rage right now

1 comment:

nevertheless said...

adorbs man ...and I'm loving all the clothes you're making for her

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