Wednesday 25 January 2012


Project: wheelie dinosaur for a four year old with a dinosaur obsession - inspired by WoodMarvels
Materials: flawed 10mm poplar plywood, dowel.
Constraints: fit on the material scrap.

Our four year old nephew is an expert in two things: dinosaurs and diggers.  I figured that a spotted dinosaur on wheels would make a sweet present.  The idea of the WoodMarvels layered profiles was a good starting point, and it was a pretty straight forward project that fit on a small sheet of 10mm Eurolite Poplar plywood.  The material wasn’t suitable for Personal Factory making because it had gouges and bog on one side.

The cut design was sanded, glued together and waxed.  The wheel axels were the only non-laser cut component, but were cut from dowel instead.

  The toy was an awkward shape to wrap, so I made a quick box for it.

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