Sunday 18 September 2011

Flat Pack Fruit Bowl

 Intolerance.  Well, that is more or less what happens when you design interlocking parts that require decent tolerances, and the material scraps used in fabrication all come from different batches.  I decided to make some flat pack fruit bowls to use up some of my plywood offcuts, but the first bowl was to be made out of red tint acrylic for a ruby wedding anniversary present.  Acrylic is definitely not the ideal choice for something that is a combination of a) delicate, b) has lots of interlocking joints, c) will be handled a lot.  However, in this case it was more about aesthetics because the bowl was to be an exo-skeleton for a clear glass bowl.  The main design challenge was making the lasecut bowl fit precisely over the contours of the glass bowl.  I made the initial prototypes from corrugated card to test out whether my idea and contouring was going to work.  Once the acrylic design was finalised, I tweaked the form for a plywood version.  The files for the latter can be downloaded for free from my Ponoko Personal Factory showroom.  These customised if required and lasercut.


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