Friday 24 June 2011

Elbow Monsters

Ok, not monsters, but Grimlies.  Pretty close for some people.  And not elbow, but pretty much any body part, although “bag” may start stretching the definition.

Mmm leather.  I decided to put my leather offcuts to good use and started to make Grimly leather patches!  Yes, you can definitely get some.  These came about as a result of a rather excitable office brainstorm.
Catherine: Hey guys check this out!
Me, Rich: Whoaaa that is so cool!  Knee monster!
Me: I have to make one!  Oh Rich, your jersey – ELBOW MONSTER!!!
Rich: Uhhh…. Umm…
Catherine: Yeah Rich, you need one.
Me: Your elbow is shameful, Rich.  You should be ashamed.  This is no an acceptable state of affairs.  You look like a homeless person.
Rich:  Umm yeah, I dunno.
Me: AHH!!  I can make leather ones!  With engraving!
Rich: What about ones for my shoulders?  Don’t know about elbows.
Catherine, me:  Yes!  Leather!  Engraving!  Patches!
Me:  Grimlies!

This continued for about half an hour.  There were more exclamation marks and ALLCAPS than I’d care to include on a page.  I gathered some leather scraps, tweaked design files and started cutting….
No longer will you have to embarrass your family and friends by going our in public in jerseys with elbow holes.  The sartorial abominations can be accurately covered up with stylish leather rectangles (known as “oblongs” in some isolated communities), depicting their favourite Grimly character.  The stitching holes are pre-cut along the perimeter, making the sewing part so easy that even an incompetent typewriter monkey can be trusted with the task.

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