Saturday 14 May 2011

Mirror acrylic

Ponoko now have 3mm silver mirror acrylic in their catalogue!  Exciting?  Hell yes!  It's not something you'd want to use in large amounts, but it's a great accent for small details, especially when engraved and backlit.


cobalt60 said...

Awesome, you have given me a great idea for my current project. I am designing an automated brewery based on ( I've designed a control panel from ponoko made of some mirrored acrylic and engraving for the switch lettering. I'll use RGB leds behind the panel to illuminate the lettering and show the control state. Should look great thanks for the idea.

Chromatophobic said...

Hi Mark,

I'm thrilled that you found this post useful. When your project is completed, get in touch with the Ponoko team, as they will be keen to feature it on their blog. I'll keep an eye out for it!

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