Sunday 6 March 2011

Homegrown Frank Kitts

From one extreme to the other.  This may be an apt comparison between this market and the one I did in January.  Whereas the January one was full of small children, this one had an abundance of drunk teenagers.  Maybe thery aren't too dissimilar though - both require a babysitting service.  Maree who had a stall next to mine, commented that even if you don't sell lots, the entertainment value of people watching makes up for it.  I would almost share this optimistic view if it wasn't for the constant stream of too short high-wasted denim cut-offs on over-square teenage girls - a view that had me pining for some eye bleach.  One young man seemed convinced that he could squeeze one of my cufflinks into his labret piercing.  That would have created more mess than him spilling his radioactive green slushy over my stall.  Overall, it was a pretty reasonable day, and I'm considering giving Frank Kitts another go sometime.

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