Tuesday 21 July 2009

Craft2.0 for winter warmth

So there's a Christmas Craft2.0 and and Easter Craft2.0, so what the hell is a Craft2.0 doing in the middle of winter? Is there another chocolate festival we haven't been told about? Quite possibly. You'll have to come to TheNewDowse this Saturday to find out. Or you can just stay home and freeze instead...
Where:July 25th from 10am till 3pm
Where:October 24th from 11am till 3pm
Where:December (tbc)
where: TheNewDowse, 45 Laings, Road Lower hutt
price: Free!!!!!

wondering what Craft2.0 is? well here's something to give you an idea?
If it's handmade you'll find it at Craft2.0 from cupcakes to jewellery, baby gear to hand painted tiles, tshirts to sock monkeys, handbound books
and did we mention cupcakes?
because trust us a sugar rush is an important part of every Craft2.0

Our one rule is that everything must be handmade in NZ and have a sense of fun.

Because Craft2.0 is not just any old Craft Fair
We pick from 100s of applications to bring you the most innovative most exciting
and most fun crafty creations from wellington and around the country
plus there are always amazing prize draws and gift bags every fair

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