Tuesday 7 April 2009

Easter Edition of Craft2.0 on horizon

Ahh Easter.

What better way to rid yourself of the chocolate overindulgence guilt than to go for a run. I'm kidding. Clearly. A more effective and pleasant way to dislodge the churning mass of dissolving chocolate bunnies from your stomach is to go on a relaxing walk around the Craft2.0 fair at TheNewDowse on Saturday 11th of April between 10am and 3pm.

Chromatophobic (that's me, in case you're confused) will be making an appearance at Craft2.0 for the sixth time. On this occasion, the Grimlies will finally welcome their long awaited comrade-in-mischief - Rubik The Retarded Raven. Rubik was planning on making his debut at the last Craft2.0, but being rather slow, cross-eyed and possibly drunk he flew into a tree on the way to the fair and broke. After extensive surgery, he's been! deemed fit for release into the wild (world of weirdness).


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